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Activity Tracking

Customize time tracking to meet your business needs. It allows you and your team to stay organized while effortlessly keeping track of your working time in minimal clicks.

Simple time tracking

Use your own tags, just like Twitter, to log your day-to day activities by projects, tasks and users. Create unlimited projects, clients and your own personalized tags. No strings attached! We want your team spends more time doing and less time tracking.

Set billable rates

Mark any activity or project as billable for invoicing with just one click. Manage your employees’ hourly rates to track billable hours for invoicing or manage actual costs by projects and clients.

Email notifications/reminders

Setup automatic reminders and email notifications to help you reach your daily and weekly time tracking targets.

Robust Report

Flexible reporting lets you see total time and efforts you or your team has spent on. You can show each entry individually, group entries by time period, project, tags, people etc

Custom reports

Create your own reports by selecting desired projects, users and tags with appropriate date filters.

Schedule Reports

Schedule any customized report to send to your inbox with an ease.

Preset filters

No need to select your filters and re-run your customized reports. Just save your filters and run customized reports in need.

Easy Download

Export your activities and projects in excel format with just one click.

Quality Score

For the first time ever, TmTask is the only tool that measures how accurately and precisely activities are entered by users. Track your time without worrying about data quality.

Data validation

No more errors and data inaccuracies

Activity Scoring

We have developed an algorithm to measure quality of activities entered in TmTask. Easily customize your filters and entries to see your percentile by date, users, projects, activities etc

Team Audits

With QScore, measure and monitor quality of your employees’ time tracking activities in a sleek dashboard. No more garbage in, garbage out!

Access Anywhere

Your time entries are synced in real time. Offline support keeps you entering activities even when out of Wifi or mobile coverage areas.

Realtime Syncing

Use any desktop browser or TmTask mobile app to log your activities. Your data is synced in real time hassle free.

Daily backup

Your data entered in TmTask is never lost. We securely take daily backups on cloud to make sure you don’t lose your valuable data.

Remote Location

No need to stop by the office just to clock in or out. Employees can register their time on the go, even without internet connection.

Seamless Connectivity

Connect several devices and TmTracker sensors to track your activities automatically.



Activity tracker
Unlimited Projects, Tags, Users
Customized Reports
Simple/Advance View
Quality Score
Smart View
Store activity upto 30 Days


Set Billable Rate
Custom Branding ( my.tmtask.com )
Send Reminders, Reports export in email
Store activity upto 30 Days
Multiple Currencies
Email/Phone Support
+ Everything in FREE PLAN


Dedicated Account Manager
Priority Support
Custom Pricing
Unlimited Team Size
Third Party Integration
+ Everything in PRO PLAN

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